Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Really Good Whole Wheat Vegan Pancakes

Most Sundays we make pancakes for breakfast and our new favourite are these Really Good Whole Wheat Vegan Pancakes. They began as traditional pancakes but over time we’ve swapped out the regular flour for healthier whole wheat, added oats and some hemp seeds. Without batting an eye our fussy 5-year old is eating really good healthy pancakes. Insert happy emoji [here].

An angled image of a breakfast table setting with a stack of whole wheat vegan pancakes topped with vegan yoghurt and berries in the foreground. Another stack sits in the background next to a cup of coffee and a pot of maple syrup.


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Vegan Soup Recipes

Birdless Chicken Noodle Soup | Vegan

This vegan chicken noodle soup recipe is from my cookbook Great Vegan Meals for the Carnivorous Family. With a flavourful and authentic broth and shredded jackfruit this plant-based bowl of comfort is a dead ringer for traditional chicken noodle…

Vegan Baking

The Best Classic Vegan Chocolate Cake

Yup, it’s a big call – the best classic vegan chocolate cake? It’s a bold position but I’m confident. I have made this cake many times now and each time it knocks my wee socks off. My non-vegan people…