Welcome to My Goodness Kitchen, a plant-based recipe blog for vegans, carnivores and everyone in-between. The recipes here are tested on carnivores so you don’t have to.


I’m Amanda and I’m an Australian vegan recipe-developer, content creator, food photographer and cookbook author. I am also a Mum and all-around busy person, just like you. I live in the very beautiful Yarra Ranges with my husband, daughter and rescue pups, Walter and Scout.

In this blog I focus on creating vegan recipes that are appealing to both plant-based and omnivorous eaters. I have to you see,  I am the only vegan in a family of carnivores. Whaaa?!

Cooking vegan food for a bunch of meat-lovers can be tricky and for a while there, it was. Peanut butter sandwiches featured heavily in my diet when I first began transitioning to a vegan diet. But over the years I’ve learned to adapt traditional meat and dairy-based recipes in to delicious vegan dishes my family love and you can too.

Like you, I’m busy. I have a 5 year-old, an always busy husband and 2 enthusiastically untrained rescue dogs so time is precious. My recipes are generally super quick or something I can walk away from. My food processor is my best friend but I am having an affair with my blender. Here at My Goodness Kitchen you’ll find recipes that are

  • quick
  • wholesome,
  • plant-based and
  • delicious.

I like to experiment with gluten-free cooking too and you can find a stack of recipes in my recipe index.  I am also a slave to chocolate so you’ll find plenty of that here too. Even for breakfast.”

I wrote a cookbook and you can order it here

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