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I wrote a cookbook! And while I could bang on and on about it I’d rather share other people’s thought on it. The proof as they say, is in the pudding. 

Reviews for my cookbook!

“Meat-eaters needn’t be apprehensive about trying vegan recipes from food blogger Logan’s excellent debut cookbook. Whether one wants to introduce additional vegetables to a diet or transition to a vegan lifestyle, Logan provides an array of ways to successfully feed families vegan dishes…This is a reliable, family-friendly entry point for those looking to explore the vegan diet or expand their culinary repertoire.” Publishers Weekly, 11/19/2018

“No constant stirring, no dairy: This double-mushroom risotto defies conventional wisdom.”  Joe Yonan, The Washington Post, 02/12/2019 (Porcini Mushroom Risotto). 

“This is a fantastic cookbook! I own probably about 50 vegan cookbooks and this is one of my favorites love it!”  M, Novak (Amazon). 1/17/2019. 

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It’s official! I’m a cookbook author.

Things just got super real here at My Goodness Kitchen. I worked hard to make sure the book is full of really simple family-friendly vegan meals. And it is carnivore – approved by my own brood of  carnivores.

With 75 recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, sides and basics I’ve created a book – with the wonderful support of Page Street Publishing – that I hope will become a valuable and go-to resource for busy families both vegan and carnivorous!

Want to try a recipe or two before you buy?

Vegan Po'Boy Recipe
Rubbed in traditional spices, roasted in the oven and sautéed in BBQ sauce, the mushrooms are the star of this meaty but vegan po’boy recipe.
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A vegan pulled mushroom sandwich on a wooden char
Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup
This vegan chicken noodle soup is just like a big warm hug. This version uses jackfruit instead of chicken in a crazily authentic broth.
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A bowl of vegan chicken noodle soup
The Best Vegan Pot Pie Recipe
"Unbelievable vegan pot pies! These are seriously amazing and taste just like chicken pot pies...seriously a game changer." Trish Bozeman from Rhubarbarians.
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A white ramekin with vegan chicken pie on a wooden table

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Where can you buy my cookbook?

My  cookbook is available at the linked stores below

Amazon | best for Canadian and US residents

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The Book Depository | free worldwide shipping, baby!


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