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Fuzzy Peach Mule feature

The weather has gone crazy on us. A few days ago we were peaking at around 17 degrees C  (62 degrees F) and today it’s 39 degrees C (102 degrees F). It’s enough to get a girl in a sweat. Thankfully it’s Friday, cocktail day.

We have friends staying with us who have been travelling around our fair land in a bus. They came bearing bags and bags of peaches and nectarines bought from stalls on the side of the road. Moving on in a few days to a new State, they can’t take this wonderful stone fruit with them so I’ve pulled up my sleeves and am creating recipes to honour them. But first, a wee drink. Simple, refreshing with just enough sweetness, this Peach Vodka Mule is a twist on the traditional and always delicious Moscow Mule.

Happy Friday, friends.

 Peach Vodka Mule

30 ml vodka (or more, I don’t judge, I’m a lightweight is all)

1 overripe peach, pitted and chopped roughly

1 small handful of mint, chopped

A good squeeze of fresh lime juice

300 ml ginger beer (I have tried to get ginger beer in the States without success so I suggest soda water with a small thumb of fresh ginger or a dash of ginger syrup if you can get it).

Muddle the mint and peach in the bottom of a mixing glass or if you’re classy like me, a jar. Add vodka and ginger beer with a good squeeze of lime. Add ginger if you are using soda water. Allow to sit for a few minutes before adding a good handful of ice. Enjoy.











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