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100 Posts and My Top 10 Favourite recipes

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my top 10 favourite recipes 1

Beetroot and Berry Chia Pots

Well, that came around fast! My last post, Vanilla Oatmeal with Coffee Syrup and Berries was my 100th post so I thought it a timely, er, time to re-visit my recipe archive and select my top 10 favourite recipes. The recipes I have chosen are a mixed bag; some I chose for pure eating pleasure, some in the name of nostalgia and a few because I love the recipe’s simplicity or the resulting dish’s beauty.

The first recipe, Beetroot and Berry Chia Pots falls into the latter category. These little pots are by far the prettiest dish I have conjured, gorgeously ruby red chia puddings with thick coconut cream and bitey blueberries. The combination of sweet raspberries and beetroot is a deliciously balanced and healthy breakfast or brunch and really…so pretty, right?

my top 10 favourite recipes 2

Kimchi Mushroom Burgers

My top 10 favourite recipes list would not be complete without my Kimchi Mushroom Burgers. These burgers are still one of my favourite all-time things to eat. Earthy and textured panko crumbed mushrooms sitting in a swirl of kimchi mayonnaise topped with spicy kimchi and cooling cucumber. This recipe was the first time I attempted a vegan brioche bun and I am so glad I did; the bread’s slight sweetness brings all the other flavours together in a mouthwatering bite.

my top 10 favourite recipes 3

Creamy Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

My first photographic pour shot! I have wonderful memories of this recipe for Creamy Dairy-free Hot Chocolate largely due to the fact that it’s creamy hot chocolate and chocolate cures every ill and issue but also because it represents the time when photographically, things started to make sense. I have only been doing photography for as long as I have been blogging and it took much nerding out on every food photography resource I could get my mitts on to understand the elements. This hot chocolate was my first attempt at an action shot and I will forever be proud.  I must thank the Husband for his exemplary pouring so…thank you.

my top 10 favourite recipes 4

Salted Maple Roast Jalapeños

Oh my goodness, these Salted Maple Roast Jalapeños are ridiculous. In a good way. I was inspired by deep fried jalapeño poppers but wanted to create a cleaner and less fussy version. These are so good my mouth is watering in memory. You know what, just make theme. Trust me.

my tope 10 favourite recipes 5

Sabich Sandwich with a Twist

Sabich Sandwiches are in my top 10 favourite things to eat regardless of who makes them but this recipe for a Sabich Sandwich with a Twist swaps out eggs for a white bean and mayonnaise mix and uses tabbouleh instead of traditional cabbage making it vegan friendly and wonderful. A meal-sized sandwich designed to be eaten messily and with gusto.

top 10 recipes 6

Vegan Caramel 3 Ways

This made my top 10 favourite recipes list because it’s caramel. Three different ways to make caramel.

my top 10 favourite recipes 7

Spicy Chickpea Couscous Bowls

Spicy Chickpea Couscous Bowls are my most popular recipe and is one of my favourites because the recipe requires one pot (win), is ridiculously simple to make and is loaded with spicy harissa, roasted pepper and tomato flavours. This recipe requires no skill level and comes up gold every time.

my top 10 favourite recipes 8

My Nana’s Sweet Caramel Kisses

I could not leave out My Nana’s Sweet Caramel Kisses from this list. My Nana is one of my favourite people in the entire universe and the universe next door. Every time I make these caramel kisses I think of her with her menagerie of rescued animals, her crazy leopard print pyjamas and her laughter that sounds like bells. She is in a home now and that breaks my heart a little, a lot, but I know she is safe and cared for. With each caramel kiss I will remember her before the home when her legs still worked and we ate kisses all day.

my top 10 favourite recipes 9

Fancy Poor Man’s Potatoes

Besides being one of my favourite foods to shoot, Fancy Poor Man’s Potatoes are always such a comforting and reliable dish. Based on traditional Poor Man’s Potatoes, this fancy version includes artichokes, black olives and roast peppers to make a well-rounded so-glad-I-stayed-at home-tonight meal. Like a favourite sweater this recipe gets better every time you use it.

my top 10 favourite recipes 10

Amazing Crispy Sprout and Caper Bruschetta

To round out My Top 10 Favourite Recipes list I have chosen Crispy Sprout and Caper Bruschetta. Wowsers! I just love this recipe – beautifully crispy roasted sprouts with pops of fried salty capers all sitting on a creamy bed of cashew cream. I challenge sprout haters, you know who you are, to try this and give the humble old sprout a second chance.

So there it is, my top 10 favourite recipes. I am tempted to include more but alas there is only ten. But I will shout out to Slightly Salty Chocolate Brownies, my friend you are an all-star to me and Better Black Bean Brownies – I think of my beloved four-legged friend Ruben living in the stars now whenever I make you. My beautiful old friend was dark and sweet like a good chocolate brownie.

Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this blogging journey. I have learned so much and continue to learn each day  and I am forever grateful for everyone’s kind words and support.

Thank you xx

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Beautiful posts! Very inspiring indeed! Congratulations 🙂 xx


Great recipes, I could be here all day writing them down for later creations, very inspiring, I love trying new dishes.Thank you!